Welcome to the International Protection AppealsTribunal Decisions Archive

Archive Information

The Decisions Archive contains the decisions (granted and refused) issued by the Tribunal from 2006 to date. It also contains all set aside (granted) decisions for 2000 to 2005. New decisions are added to the Archive on a monthly basis, and other previous decisions will be added in due course. All decisions in the archive are edited to exclude any information that may lead to the identification of applicants.

Pre 2006 Tribunal decisions not contained in the archive can be accessed on the pre-existing electronic library of decisions which is situated in the Tribunal's offices. If you wish to access these decisions please contact the helpdesk - details below. Pre 2006 decisions identified and requested on foot of research of the electronic library will be put on the Decisions Archive webpage where they can be accessed by registered users. Users will be informed by e-mail that the requested decisions have been placed on the website.

Decisions ‘vacated’ by the Tribunal will be removed from the Archive. If a ‘vacated’ decision is contained in your saved Research or in your Submission, the decision will be removed and replaced with a notice of its removal.

If you wish to research earlier decisions of the Tribunal, please contact the Tribunal. Earlier decisions of the Tribunal can be researched at the Tribunal’s Offices, 6/7 Hanover Street East, Dublin 2.

Who Can Access the Archive?

Since March 2014 any person can access the Archive. Due to the structure of the Archive a username and password is required by all users. To become a Registered User please contact the International ProtectionAppeals Tribunal – see below

  • Once you been verified as a Registered User, you will be given a Username and Password and instructions on how to access and research the Decisions Archive

Registered Users should be aware of section 26 of the International Protection Act 2015, which deals with the protection of the identity of applicants before the Tribunal. While every effort is made by the Tribunal to redact any information in a decision that may lead to the identity of an applicant being revealed, Registered Users are obliged to bring any potential breaches of this section to the attention of the Tribunal as soon as possible, by the terms and conditions governing the use of the Archive.

On-Line Submissions of Previous Decisions of the Tribunal

If the Registered User is the legal representative for an Applicant appearing before the Tribunal, there is a facility to submit previous decisions and make on-line submissions in support of their clients’ appeal applications. This service is confined solely to legal submissions on previous decisions only and to the legal representatives of the Applicant.


If you wish to access the Decisions Archive as a Registered User please email your request and contact details to archive@protectionappeals.ie. The Tribunal also has a dedicated Helpdesk to assist users with any queries that they may have. The Helpdesk number is (Dublin) 00353 1 4748580. Please contact the Helpdesk if you need any assistance.

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